The golden tree

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You have your money; you want to invest but are not sure where or what to invest in, you could maybe invest in real life assets like real state or cattle, another option is finding an appealing project from an entrepreneur and there is also the third choice which would be entering the crypto space and buying some cryptocurrency to either hold or stake in a DeFi project but, why choose one when you could instead invest in those three fields at the same time? After all, the more the merrier! And by combining the three you are getting all the benefits while neutralizing most of the downsides of each one of them.

What brings each one to the table?

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For a profitable union to work each part should offer more positives than negatives to the final product so let’s take a look market by market to see if this is true for the fusion in question.

  • Real life assets: This market is known to be extremely stable, so stable in fact that Inflation, shifts in currency values, and other macroeconomic factors have little to no effect in it, thanks to this it provides predictable and steady income streams for investors but, they are hard to sell and don’t bring much liquidity.
  • Entrepreneurship: By investing in this market, you are not only contributing to the culture of innovation but are also giving the opportunity to new businesses of developing their ideas into something tangible therefore expanding and helping the economy as well as creating the possibility of being a part of the “next big thing” but, if the company fails you lose your investment and even if the company thrives your investment will be illiquid for a long time and there will be a chance that it gets diluted if the business raises capital later on which is not inherently bad but it should be taken into account.
  • Crypto: The volatility as well as the numerous scammers present in the market are enough to scare away most people from investing but, whit an endless potential and all the improvements to security and regulation the possibilities of making big profits are everywhere and every investment made in this ecosystem is an investment to the future of economy. Seed rounds, scripts, crypto currencies and staking are only a fraction of the different possibilities present for investors, each one whit unique qualities and requirements giving each individual a change of finding the perfect one for them.

So, how would it work?

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Like we said in one of our past articles, diversifying your investments is a wise decision, it minimises the volatility problem that crypto has but that is not the only benefit it brings to the table.

Think of this fusion as a tree where your capital are the roots which are the starting point and give nutrients to the other parts encouraging their growth and health; the investment in the real-life assets is the trunk, the part that bring stability and security given that even if the other parts wither and fall, it will remain standing strong; the investment in entrepreneurship are the branches, more delicate (risky) than the trunk but can reach higher up, provide more option and even if one dies another one can take its place or you can cut them off and shape them in the way that you want; Lastly the investment in the crypto world are the leaves, more inconsistent that all the other parts, influenced a lot more by external factors and with a tendency to fall or dry up but with time, care and some luck can give way to beautiful and valuable flowers.

Each part brings a different benefit and they all work in unison to yield profit for the farmer (that would be you).

Final thoughts

Investing is hard, there is always numerous risks that need to be considered and sometimes the profits might seem minimal but like Henry Ford once said “In union there is strength” and by uniting these three markets it might get a bit easier and a whole lot more profitable.

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