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Since its inception, science fiction has been an undeniable inspiration for many of the technological advances and innovations of the modern era. From ambitious concepts like space exploration all the way to tamer ideas like video calls and earbuds, the origins of most items and services that define our contemporary day to day life can be traced to one of said famous science fiction works but, there exists a few concepts presented in such superb pieces of literature that had eluded the realm of possibility for a long time, not for lack of interest nor lack of effort but instead caused by technical and technological limitations not yet possible to overcome until now. I am talking about Virtual Reality.

The ability to simulate an interactable 3D image or environment in a seemingly real or physical way is a challenge that although solved visually by the clever use of lenses and optics, never lived up to the expectation set in our minds by sci-fi, specifically the interactive part. That changed recently with the beginning of a “VR renaissance” impulsed by companies like Valve, Oculus, HTC, etc, developing and releasing one of the most exciting pieces of technology in the last decade: the VR headset, a device capable of giving a taste of that realistic feeling simulation and interaction only comparable to the dreams described by pioneering authors of the genre.

And so, now what? Whit all this new tech and possibilities, what is the next step? Well, the next step is to create and popularize the virtual world and today’s project ties into this by aiming to become the next evolution of the internet offering the world a way to consume and create immersive experiences while monetizing and sharing content that will result in an ever-expanding virtual metaverse.

Ladies and gentlemen, Netvrk!

A project that seeks to generate a unique and visually attractive world, ready to be explored, populated, and even reshaped to match all users’ needs. NetVRk’s users will be able to use their worlds for personal and professional purposes while enjoying a blockchain-based ecosystem that provides them with the tools to monetize their VR environments in a secure economy.

The project is based on VWGen technology, capable of generating an unlimited number of unique, fully interactive VR worlds which combined with the ease of creating said environments as soon as new users join the platform, assists with the addition of diverse content to NetVRk. Building on this idea, their VWGen editor allows everyone to get involved with VR, providing tools and functions to create VR applications quickly and efficiently within a sandbox environment. This approach is similar to building an architectural miniature over a table, and it feels natural in a virtual environment; everyone can come up with creative and even complex ideas without the need for coding or design knowledge. User-generated content will be reviewed first, and only then will it be integrated into the database. This primary review process will be managed by the system’s algorithm and supervised by a dedicated staff member.

And it keeps going, with a dedicated marketplace, staking, NFTs integration and much more! This is a project you definitely don’t want to miss out on so, if this amazing project and their innovative and forward-thinking mission has piqued your interest then you can learn more in the links below.

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xVORTEX Project

We are aiming to create the first fully Decentralized collective fund.