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The popularity that crypto and NFTs have gained over the last few years have piqued the interest of multiple companies from various well established industries in the traditional market. From the obvious interest from tech industries all the way to the surprising enthusiasm of the entertainment and even the food industry the appeal of this new ecosystem is impossible to deny but, from all those interested in this new venture, the one with the most amusing integration has been the Fashion industry.

Giants of the industry have been dipping their toes in the NFT world by partnering with multiple projects and experimenting with the broad range of possibilities the medium offers. From Gucci partnering with the art auction house Christie’s on an NFT video called “Aria” to Burberry and Louis Vuitton tackling in-game NFTs, companies are taking advantage of the similarities shared between them and this new ecosystem to open up the fashion world to new digital channels and cater towards a younger audience.

Having that reason in mind, we are excited to talk about a new project that has been on our minds rent free since the moment we found it and that aims to make their NFTs leaders of the fashion movement!

That project is, of course, the famous HAPE PRIME formerly known as HAPEBEAST

Is this the part where we explain what a HAPE is?

Well… yeah.

“Two million years ago, there was a lightning strike, massive enough to fracture the Ape universe — and scatter them. Now, the Primal Hape is waiting for the entire family to re-join — so they can plan a bigger and more stylish future together.”

Hape Prime NFT is a collection of 8192 next-gen, ultra-stylish, unique, and 3D NFTs build on the Ethereum Blockchain by Hape Beast and conceptualized by London-based digital artist — Matt Sypien. The project is divided in three phases:

  1. Phase 1: Bringing the HAPES into formats that are useful for users by working with a major production facility to bring unprecedented real-time realism to you HAPES.
  2. Phase 2: Airdrop clothing for the lower half of the HAPE of every holder. 8192 distinct Lowers sets & styles to mix and match with your HAPES. We’ll make another 2,048 available to mint for non-holders so there’ll be a secondary market out there if you want to trade.
  3. Phase 3: In this phase the goal is enabling users to combine the contents of their wallet and style their HAPEs.

The whole project uses a fascinating system called the HAPE Fashion Index where rarity although important is not the only concept that decides the “beauty” of a NFT, the other concepts designed to change as the seasons pass and with the possibility of adding community governance to the system later on but enough talk about the road-map and the systems. Let us talk about the rest of the airdrops.

The airdrops

  • The HAPE Badge: A badge distributed for free to everyone who wants one, only gas costs, in the next couple of weeks. The badge will also ultimately attach to your 3D avatar.
  • The Wristbands. Digital HAPE wristbands will be dropped to event attendees.
  • Music to HAPE to: Four pieces of music, themed after the seasons. Holders will receive an airdrop of one, selected according to their HAPE’s birthday. The music will carry utility in HAPE’s Phase 3.

But you should be thinking “All seems fine but if this is a fashion project where are the collaboration?”. Well, on that regard the team doesn’t want to rush things down, their goal is to make every HAPE a HAPEFLUENCER and as you can image that takes time so, for now, their focus will be the road map.

For more information on the project, we invite you to join their community using the links bellow.

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