Is this the part where we explain what a HAPE is?

  1. Phase 1: Bringing the HAPES into formats that are useful for users by working with a major production facility to bring unprecedented real-time realism to you HAPES.
  2. Phase 2: Airdrop clothing for the lower half of the HAPE of every holder. 8192 distinct Lowers sets & styles to mix and match with your HAPES. We’ll make another 2,048 available to mint for non-holders so there’ll be a secondary market out there if you want to trade.
  3. Phase 3: In this phase the goal is enabling users to combine the contents of their wallet and style their HAPEs.

The airdrops

  • The HAPE Badge: A badge distributed for free to everyone who wants one, only gas costs, in the next couple of weeks. The badge will also ultimately attach to your 3D avatar.
  • The Wristbands. Digital HAPE wristbands will be dropped to event attendees.
  • Music to HAPE to: Four pieces of music, themed after the seasons. Holders will receive an airdrop of one, selected according to their HAPE’s birthday. The music will carry utility in HAPE’s Phase 3.

About the xVORTEX project:



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xVORTEX Project

xVORTEX Project

We are aiming to create the first fully Decentralized collective fund. https://xvortex.io/