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3 min readApr 1, 2022

Since the dawn of humanity, the social organisms know as Homo sapiens have formed groups where each and every member works towards a common goal, contributing little by little with the assigned task. This is known as a community and although in the modern era the term has become more complex, something that has not changed is the benefits brought by the affinity between the components, the rewarding feeling shared by its members when their actions help the advancement of the faction’s purpose and the union between the whole group cause by said feeling.

This concept is so important in human society that most of the time the success of an idea can be predicted by measuring the quality of the community in charge of making that idea a reality, for this reason we could not stop ourselves from sharing a project with such a good community (and plans for said community) that their success is already evident. We are talking about Crypto Walkers.

The walkers

Cryptowalkers is a new and unique collection of fully rigged 3D walking characters aimed to live in the Metaverse. All 6545 unique characters come with full bodies (and custom 3D backgrounds) to be used by its owner in various Metaverse environments. The goal being the creation of a community where users build upon this (and future) addons and collections together.

Aside from the main collection, the team is also working on multiple airdrops and the development of a Play 2 Earn game called “Kill the Zombie” as shown in their road-map but, although these developments are an appreciated addition, the excitement comes from their other two concepts: the Cryptowalkers Store and Walker City.

To give you an idea of what to expect, let us do a brief explanation of both ideas:

  • Cryptowalkers Store: A store hosted in the website where owners will be able to login and equip their Walker to one’s needs be it by buying a new weapon with cool abilities, changing their animated background or equipping the swag walk instead of the normal one.
  • Walker City: A land in Netvrk where Cryptowalkers NFT owners can bring their character to interact, socialize, play to earn and do many other things. This land will be dedicated to their community who will decide what to build and how to develop it.

If this brief summary managed to piqued your interest, then we recommend you visit their website and social media pages using the links below to get a more complete understanding of all the ambitious and incredible goals they have set for the project and the community.

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