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3 min readApr 8, 2022

As the current Metaverse becomes, with the help of innovative technological advancements and new found interest from companies, more and more like the concept it sprang from; it brings attention to some aspects that although solved for the time being in a limited and practical way need to be developed even further to make service and complete the experience the Metaverse was created to achieve.

Of these aspects the most immersive (and arguably most important) is the representation of users in the digital space, not in the simple and generic way currently being implemented, but instead allowing each user to choose how to express their own personality and identity via the avatar that will represent them in this new simulated environment.

Being able to choose what clothes your avatar is using or what hairstyle it has, gives the user not only agency in their experience but also the sense of immersion needed to fully enjoy VR in general so it is only natural the excitement we feel to talk about a project that is working on way to supply this need. Let’s talk about Clone X.

Transcending the Physical Body

“CLONE X Corp was founded by three extraterrestrials who came from the planet of Orbitar in the Draco constellation. These interplanetary tourists have come to accelerate our evolution towards an immaterial existence. They plan to transfer all human consciousness into advanced clone forms to create the ultimate Metaverse.”

From the organization that claims to be the “new age Supreme, for a digital audience” RTFKT in collaboration with contemporary artist (and idol of the project’s team) Takashi Murakami, Clone X is a series of 20,000 digitally-generated fully-rigged 3-D characters meant to be used across platforms and multiverses, each with a randomized assortment of pre-designed features and the ability to be, down the line, customized with unique wearables from creators.

Centred around using the clones across worlds and realities, ambitious ideas like a Clone.meta vault to give you access to 3D files to use across platforms and the ability to Forge unique physical collectables created from your Clone set this project apart from every other.

If you have any interest in fashion and customization or have not found an avatar suitable for representing you in the metaverse then we invite you to visit their website and follow their social media using the links below.

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