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3 min readJan 31, 2022


If 2021 brought something to the crypto space, that was NFTs and NFT projects. In a place where innovation is an expected occurrence, the number of possibilities brought forward by said little renaissance helped impulse the whole ecosystem into unprecedented heights as well as bringing the well-deserved mainstream attention it lacked in previous years but, at the same time, it highlighted some recurring risks that have always haunted the industry and negated progress many times. Of those risks, the quality and identity of the team behind a project is one of the main points investors check before supporting it and it is the same reason why when a good team comes together in an open and organized way overwhelming support from the community is almost guaranteed so today, we wanted to introduce you guys to a project that we personally think is a prime example of the latter.

The Apes

“A mysterious electric surge on the infamous “Monkey Island” leads to a gateway into different worlds of evolved apes, linking alternate dimensions and parallel universes. The battleground site of portal convergence where mutated apes square off against the technological advances of apes from the future in a no-holds barred battle royale. The apes of this world now realize, we are not alone… the war has just begun. “

Angry Ape Army is a generative NFT collection of 11,110 very angry apes that looks to create a vertically integrated brand, merging physical goods, mixed media properties, NFT collections, and an immersive, cinematic metaverse experience. Founded by famous and talented artist such as John Park (Wonder Woman 1984, War of the planet of the Apes, The Mandalorian, Deadpool) and Emmanuel Shiu (The Predator, Hellboy, Ready Player One, Blade Runner 2049) the project will open their headquarters “Monkey Island” to adventurous visitors, allowing them to earn rewards, mine, play games, socialize and interact with other Apes!

The initiative also projects in the near future the idea of the Angry Ape Army DAO, the basis to bring the already existing product and making a film / animation IP, where Ape NFTs and other metaverse assets can be part of a larger narrative, including films made in Unreal Engine.

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